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at Yogave’, 170 Rt. 1, Falmouth, ME

Sat. Dec. 6, 7:00-8:15 PM

Facilitated by Diane Warming In the Tradition of Kundalini Yoga

Deeply relax to the trance inducing waves of the hypnotic Symphonic Gong. Immerse yourself in the transformational vibrations of the Gong to release old patterns from the subconscious mind, awakening to a new you.

The symphonic Gong produces all sounds and overtones which have a vibratory effect on the physical body. After only three minutes the sound begins to permeate and produces a deep effect of relaxation and release of stress. Additionally, some experience a release of memories from the psyche or physical release. The gong may also produce different effects according to the sequence strikes on its surface. These effects may include balancing the chakras, release of subconscious memories, or inducement of trance, as well as, deep relaxation which supports the immune system.