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I am grateful for the Tuesday night Kundalini yoga class at Yogave Studio in Falmouth led by Diane Warming. Kundalini yoga is a practice that combines movement, breathing exercises and meditation for the purpose of both strengthening and healing the body, mind and spirit. Even though I was new to Kundalini and a relative novice to yoga, Diane welcomed me to her class and made sure that I was able to follow along and fully participate in each class. I typically leave this class in a wonderfully energetic and also blissful state. I really appreciate how Diane approaches leading us through each kriya or set of exercises. She is very knowledgeable about Kundalini yoga and the underlying purposes of each exercise, thus shows up well prepared to lead a positive experience. For me, it is
helpful to understand the underlying purpose of each exercise and how each of the exercises
progresses to the overall purpose.

In addition, Diane has great intuition on when to push and when to allow us, her students, to back off.

In my experience it does take a willingness to push through perceived walls and resistance to find new areas of strength and positive energy, and I often find that willingness in this class leading to much clearer state of mind. Thank you Diane for leading us and bringing such a positive spirit of love that clearly manifests itself during each class. And I cannot forget to mention what a wonderful, beautiful gong player Diane is and how much I look forward to the last week of each month where we are treated to this amazing sound and opportunity to so deeply and richly meditate.

- Peter Bucklin

Kartar Kaur's classes are wonderful: challenging, heartfelt and fun. I teach Kundalini Yoga, too, but I always make an effort to attend Kartar's class (driving down from Lewiston!). There's nothing like doing yoga in a group with a skilled and experienced teacher to guide the class. It simply takes your practice to a higher level. I treasure Kartar Kaur's class as a chance to relax, nourish myself and "drink from the source."

I highly recommend Kundalini Yoga for anyone who wants to reduce stress, increase health, and reconnect to his or her heart. If practiced with sincerity, Kundalini Yoga can cause amazing changes - regardless of your abilities when you start.

- Sara Goodrich (Swaran Kaur)